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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The Hyder House

Quinta Quebrada

The Iconic San Miguel Hacienda
Best Wedding Venue in the Americas

Eleven Bedrooms, Pool and Expansive Gardens
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Dining Room

The Hyder House (Casa Hyder) is more than just a house. It's a compound. Behind an unassuming street side wall and massive wood doors lie a series of 3 houses. With bougainvillea, climbing roses, mesquite trees and heady, purple-blooming jacarandas spilling everywhere you will find a labyrinth of great rooms, libraries, patios, hidden stairwells and garden nooks. Everywhere you look there is a view more beautiful than the last. Awed, Amazed, Gob-smacked; these are just a few of the words used by first time visitors.

Casa Hyder is 13,865 square feet of magnificent colonial styled construction sprawled across two-thirds of an acre of manicured tropical gardens. The size of the house and extent of it's gardens are unequaled in San Miguel de Allende. It provides the best venue for any large group event. More than one family has gathered it's many branches here for a special birthday or anniversary. Many spectacular weddings have found a picture-perfect setting here. The magic of this setting enhances any gathering. Memories made here of weddings, anniversaries or birthdays stay permanently etched in each guest’s memory as a time of majesty and magic.


Casa Hyder has eleven bedrooms. Three kitchens make it possible for large numbers of people to stay and still maintain a sense of privacy. Some guests may lounge by the pool or its adjoining loggia, while others enjoy the terrace overlooking the grassy area that the Hyders named the "play yard". There are three permanent dining venues. The main dining room seats 14-16 people, the pool loggia seats 18 persons, and the upper terrace seats 20 people. There are massive areas that can accommodate vast numbers of rental garden chairs and tables for large events. The spectacular wet area features stone gargoyles that fill the 60 ft. by 40 ft. tiled pool.

Casa Hyder has a reputation among locals as a living museum stuffed with 17th century collectibles and art. Despite it’s massive size every room has been decorated with individuality and character. It is easy to close your eyes and imagine you arrived by horse up the cobbled street and now sit on the terrace with a chilled aged tequila in hand and watch the ochre red sunset sky envelope the distant mountains and the elaborate domes and bell towers of surrounding colonial cathedrals. It feels magical. All the stress and strain of 21st century living has vanished.

Roof Garden
Roof Garden

The owner is a well known art collector and culture maven. Once inside the stone walls of Casa Hyder, it is evident the owner has lavished attention on this home. Her love of serious art and antiques is leavened by a quirky sense of design, integrating Mexican folk art and Indian and Afghan textiles with furnishings from 17th century Italy and Spain. "You really have to have a sense of humor when you collect fine art and antiques," she said. "Otherwise things get too heavy."

Any stay at Casa Hyder is enhanced by an incredibly competent and caring staff. Your comfort is assured by four maids, two cooks, one laundress and three gardeners.

There are eight bedrooms with kings, one with three twin beds, one with two twin beds and one with one twin bed, all with private adjoining baths. Two guest bath facilities are entered from the common areas.


The area known as "the play yard" serves many different purposes. It can be a badminton court or the setting for a grand wedding or tented dinner. It’s uses are only confined by the guest's imagination.

The intricacies of the spectacular architecture are two numerous to describe. The grand reception hall is topped with a stone cupola. This is only an introduction to the many plazas, stone arches, hand-forged ironwork, balconies and magnificent staircases.

It is unquestionably the finest home in a town that is know for its many gorgeous mansions. Neither pictures nor words can adequately describe this masterpiece. The best aspect is that despite it's magnificence, it is a warm and welcoming environment that may amaze but does not intimidate ....And then there is that Magic! Stay too long and you may not be able to leave.